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What aspects of the city influenced the choice of Valencia as the host city for the 2011 ILTS Congress? Dr. José Mir Valencia became well known through the America’s Cup and the Formula 1, but its light, the Mediterranean, its fine weather, the City of Arts and Sciences, the fact that it is a city with great infrastructure as well as the beauty of its contrasts, all played their part.

VLC. Would you say its Mediterranean essence placed a role in this choice?

J.M. For sure, that’s what I mentioned earlier.

VLC. How would you define Valencia?

J.M. Sorolla already defined it well, by its light and colour.

VLC. What would you tell a foreign visitor not to miss when visiting us?

J.M. Valencia wasn’t ever really that well known, so you have to read about it, and once fully read up, find the time to get to know it. Discover the city of contrasts, the old town, the City of Arts and Sciences, the Albufera and the sunsets over it…

VLC. Have you any particular memory or special anecdote related to the city?

J.M. I remember the last flood, I had just begun to read medicine and we had to stop going to lectures to work on cleaning up the mud. Other than that I would say the change that the city has undergone, from a destroyed city to the modern one it is today.

VLC. What would you highlight in general terms about Valencia?

J.M. The fact it is so easy to do anything tourism related, it’s easy to get to know the city and feel at home here.

VLC. What’s your favourite place to go for a stroll.

J.M. I don’t generally go for strolls, but rather walk briskly from place to place, so I find all parts of the city charming. I’ve covered it on foot so many times it feels part of me.

VLC. And a place to lose yourself?

J.M. I would say the Plaza de la Reina, la Plaza de la Virgen and the Old Town.

VLC. When is the best season to visit Valencia?

J.M. Spring, when the orange blossom smells lovely in the evenings, thanks to the Valencian countryside.

VLC. Is there anything you would pack specially in your suitcase to remind you of Valencia?

J.M. I don’t need to take anything with me, as the city is always in me. I’m pure Valencian.


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